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Emily and Lucy O'Connor of Boss Ladies Ireland

Growing an Online Community of Irish Female Entrepreneurs

As we navigate lockdown after lockdown, it has been difficult to maintain social contact and our community. The pandemic has led to new communities being established online, where folks go to find connections and learn from others. Emily and Lucy O’Connor are two sisters that set up an online community for female entrepreneurs in Ireland, […]

target audiences

Not Everyone Will Want a Piece of You: Targeting Audiences

True to all business is that not everyone is going to want what you have to offer. They might not need your skills, product or service. It’s not up to you as a business to cater to everybody, instead you need to be more selective in your approach and start targeting audiences. You’re not in […]

writing about your business

Writing About Your Business Should Not Be Hard

Writing is an easy job, until you have to actually do it. If you own a business then it’s inescapable. There will be times when you have to write about your business. Ideally you should be writing about your business before you start it, like Jerry Maguire and his mission statement. Before I start a […]