Creating a Great Online Customer Experience

Creating a Great Online Customer Experience

Brand loyalty is created through a fantastic customer experience both online and offline. You can introduce strong customer service standards for your business offline but how do you ensure these standards translate to your online presence?

Here are some steps you can take to make certain that your customers have a great experience across your online platforms.

Have a User Friendly Website ✅

Make sure that your website is designed with the user experience (UX) in mind and that the important information is clear and easy to find. Pages on your website should load quickly and your audience should be able to navigate the website with ease. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have your website optimised for mobile devices.

Make Checkout and Booking Simple ✅

If your customers are purchasing goods off your website then you need to ensure that checkout is streamlined and fast to use. A speedy checkout system will ensure that you limit the amount of customers abandoning their online carts because they are frustrated with slow checkout.

If your business relies on a booking system, then make sure it is clear and visible on your website for clients so they can book and pay for your services without hassle.

Develop Your Brand Voice ✅

When a customer interacts with your business online, you want them to hear your brand voice. It’s the personality of your brand. Are you a punchy, quick-witted brand with the voice to match or are you a more professional, corporate sounding brand? Sometimes your brand’s voice is your own voice! You need to work hard to figure out your brand voice. This will be the unique tone you want to use to write content for your website, craft captions for social media and respond to customer queries and complaints.

For a great example of a brand that developed a distinctive voice, please see Doe Lashes. A beauty brand that sells false eyelashes, Doe developed a youthful, cute and online savvy brand voice that they use to interact with their customers. Image on the left is examples of how they use their brand voice on twitter. Image to the right sums up visually what I imagine the Doe brand voice to be based on.

Implement Great Online Customer Service ✅

Develop a returns and complaints policy to quickly deal with customer issues and put them to bed. Ensure that customers receive prompt responses within a set timeframe. Make sure to check your inboxes across social media and have automatic responses switched on before following up with a personalised response. Remember some messages can land in hidden inboxes on Instagram and Facebook so don’t forget to check those inboxes too.

Conduct social listening, check review sites and have a customer feedback form attached to order confirmations and email correspondence. This will enable you to take steps to address any flaws or problems with your product or services that are pointed out.