Marketing in a Pandemic

There’s no playbook for marketing in a pandemic. This year content calendars went straight into the bin, strategies were shredded and marketing and communications professionals had to pivot as they’ve never pivoted before. There’s no secret to successful marketing in a pandemic, you need to rely on common sense and good intuition. I have listed here three handy tips for small businesses and professionals that can help you navigate the minefield that is marketing in a pandemic.

Put Kindness First

Kindness should always be present behind your marketing, now more than ever. People want to engage with businesses and professionals that are understanding and empathetic right now. Your marketing and communications strategy needs to be sensitive to the new realities that people are coping with and the messages you send out must come from a place of kindness.

Show Your Efforts

Are you volunteering your services locally? Have you put in great procedures and precautions for Covid-19 safety in your business and are you showcasing them? Did you support healthcare workers? Show the world the efforts you have made to support and protect your community during the pandemic.

Go Digital

If you’ve been neglecting your digital presence, now is the perfect time to launch your business or services online. Revamp your website, establish social media profiles and create opportunities to have digital interactions with your clients. If you run a fitness service, record short workouts and post them online or use a paid Patreon service to provide the opportunity for clients to still engage with your services. There are also great opportunities for artists, tutors and instructors to give online classes via Zoom. Make sure its easy to find out information about online classes, etc. on your website and keep the information up to date.