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Craig Lawler and Síne Kenny Instagram Advertising Insights

With Craig Lawler, Marketer AND Entrepreneur

Today we are going to take a look at Instagram advertising. Recent updates to Instagram include increased space on mobile for stories, options to promote posts and shopping on the app. These new features have transformed Instagram into a great place for businesses both large and small to advertise.

Social media advertising can be daunting to begin with. Most people feel that it can be hard to know where to start. This is why I have teamed up with Craig Lawler of 505 Sportswear. We wanted to show insights from a small business owner starting out with their first Instagram advertising campaign. If you are a business owner thinking of experimenting with Instagram for advertising, this will give you a good overview.

The Advert

Let’s take a look at where you start with Instagram advertising.

First of all you need to think about your ad. What are you promoting? Why would anyone be interested? What content do you have that will grab their attention?

The promotion ran by Craig was a competition to win a vintage Adidas Originals jacket and a branded mask from 505 Sportswear. Craig posted photos to Instagram of the prize with strong copy to grab attention. He then promoted the post as an ad across Instagram.

Budget and Time

Budget: €30   Duration: 10 days

You need to set a realistic budget and duration period. If you’re just starting out with Instagram advertising then I recommend running an ad for a small campaign first where you can set a budget of say €20-€30 over a two week period and assess the results. This can help you to judge the reach, audience parameters and refine any other conditions.

How did the advertising campaign go?

Craig’s €30 budget was distributed by Instagram across 10 days. High percentages of spending occurred on Day 1 (12%), Day 4 (16%) and Day 8 (14%). So did Craig’s results reflect the distribution of his budget?

I’ve broken down the results from Craig’s advertising on instagram in the infographic.

Craig was happy with the results from this advertising campaign, the competition received over 26,000 impressions, increased visits to his website and the followers of his brand account went up.

It’s important to note that even if you are just experimenting with advertising on social media and don’t have defined objectives – measurement and evaluation can help you to improve, restructure and refine your advertising.

What the Business Owner Had to Say – Craig Lawler

“This was a successful introduction to sponsored Instagram posts for me as a small business attempting to grow and gain traction.

The aim of this campaign was to create brand awareness whilst testing the process of sponsored posts, and I believe I got that in abundance – with 26k impressions over the 10 days the campaign ran, for an incredible price limit of €30. 

I was impressed at how simple and user friendly they’ve made the process, with essentially four clicks and you’re good to go.

Overall the campaign was a great insight and represented great value for money – I will definitely use instagram advertising again with more tailored ads to specific audiences for results that can only get better.”

Craig Lawler, Owner, 505 Sportswear

Shout-out to Craig for supplying his data and feedback. If you like football, vintage sportswear, music and good writing, check out 505 Sportswear ⚽️

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