Walking and Working

walking and working

This isn’t a deeply profound blog post, it’s a practical one and it doesn’t touch on marketing or communications in the least. If you enjoy walking and working, I invite you to read on.


There are two things in life that bring a deep sense of satisfaction to the soul. The first is going on a walk. I mean a walk in any weather, a walk anywhere. Too often we trick ourselves into thinking that a walk is a very mundane, ordinary part of daily life. No one is going to brag about going on a walk, especially if where they’ve been walking isn’t all that scenic. However, I find that the sense of peace after a walk is really something that settles you.

There are many kinds of walkers in the world. Those who walk and think, and those who walk and do not think. I am in the latter category of walkers. Walking soothes me, it clears my mind. On a walk, no one can find or disturb me. Apart from a smile at the odd passer-by, I am totally alone and my mind is silent. If you have an over active mind, walking is a wonderful tonic.


The smug happiness that a walk brings to your day can only be matched by completing a piece of work. Particularly a piece of work that feels like a slog. Please note that when I talk about work, I mean not just what you do to earn but also hobbies, chores and other activities. Work is activity with purpose.

I love my work, I love what I do and when working for myself I have the privilege of choosing who I work with. Sometimes, due to things outside of our control, work can become difficult. Life, circumstances and events can all intrude and make it harder for you to work. Every worker needs to learn ways of over-coming these obstacles, through building resilience and tackling what’s in front of them. When you complete that piece of work, relish the satisfaction it brings. Enjoy the smug feeling, you finished it! That piece of work is done and you were the one that did it.

We all need to celebrate these small victories a little more. You may not win a Pulitzer prize or complete a triathlon, but there is great fulfilment to be found in your daily achievements. Budgeting time in your day for walking and working can do wonders for your health. Go for a walk, do a bit of work and savour today’s success.

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