Writing About Your Business Should Not Be Hard

writing about your business

Writing is an easy job, until you have to actually do it. If you own a business then it’s inescapable. There will be times when you have to write about your business. Ideally you should be writing about your business before you start it, like Jerry Maguire and his mission statement.

Before I start a new project with a client, I try to understand the business in their own words. You have to be able to describe what you do and the purpose of your business in words that everyone can understand. No corporate wordsmithing, just tell me the simple essence of why your business exists.

Jerry Maguire made writing his business mission statement look easy. 25 pages, no sweat!


Pen, paper, a cosy setting and cup of coffee. Surely that should be enough to set you up to write? Writing is a chore, a pleasant one for some but a chore nonetheless. So set aside an hour, turn off your phone, pull up a blank document in Microsoft Word and change your font to Comic Sans (so you don’t take yourself too seriously). Then write. Tell the story of your business. Change the font to something respectable like Times New Roman and email what you’ve written to a friend or someone you trust. Ask them to read what you’ve written and to let you know if it accurately sums up your business, or if you’ve missed something.

Putting your writing to work for your business

This collection of typed words is invaluable. You can put it to use in so many ways; use it to form the heart of a new website, put it into your marketing materials, place those words in the social media bios of your business. When doing press interviews or talks, work in a few of those words you’ve written about the business.

Remember nobody can talk about your business like you can, so go ahead. Don’t be afraid to write about it and make what you’ve written work for your business.

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