Not Everyone Will Want a Piece of You: Targeting Audiences

target audiences

True to all business is that not everyone is going to want what you have to offer. They might not need your skills, product or service. It’s not up to you as a business to cater to everybody, instead you need to be more selective in your approach and start targeting audiences.

You’re not in the business of being liked, you’re in the business of providing people with value. There are people who want everyone to like them and they want the world to like their business too. This is a sweet and completely unrealistic goal.

Finding Audiences

What you offer may not be their cup of tea. It’s as simple as that. If someone doesn’t want your product, you can gain some valuable feedback from them but don’t dwell on it. You need to seek out those who are already converted fans of your business. Who are they? Why do they like what you have to offer? What shared life experiences do they have?

Targeting Audiences

Now that you understand the market that like your product, think about where you can find more of these people and how you can reach them. It’s as simple as that. A fisherman doesn’t find more fish by randomly casting his net in the sea. He learns where the fish gather and when, then fishes there and then. To sum it up, be clever about finding new customers for your business by targeting audiences.

Keeping Audiences engaged

Now you’ve discovered the profile of your audience and how you can concentrate your efforts at expanding the audience, think about how you can draw them in. What are you giving to the audience and how are you keeping them fed? Keeping an audience satisfied online and in person demands some creativity. Research what works for others in your field and ask your audience. By talking to dedicated or long term customers you can feel out what it is that you can give them which requires minimal effort but keeps them coming back for more. A local coffee shop, Naaspresso, hands out tubs of complimentary dog treats to customers who stop by with a dog. Not only is it my favourite coffee shop, it is now my dog Dougal’s too. It’s much nicer to enjoy an americano if the dog is enjoying a treat too.

I hope this blog post inspires you to learn more about the target audience for your business. Go conquer their hearts!

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